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18 May 2012 @ 12:54 pm

Since my translation collection seems to be getting bigger (even though it's really not much), I thought it would be nice to collate all of them somewhere in case someone comes searching for them and does not want to go through the all the communities to find them. Unless I label them otherwise, the file will include the whole book. All the files are in pdf format.

Disclaimer: All these are translated from the official Chinese translations of the books, I cannot read Japanese. Please note that some meaning might be lost because these are effectively 2nd level translations from the original Japanese text.

Helpdesk: If you are having issues with any of the files, please email me at mittenslj220@gmail.com

Hataraku Maou-sama Novels

1. When will you be done with the translations of Hatamaou Vol X?

I can't answer your question because I don't know the answer either. Please refer to the translation progress to make your own estimate.

2. Where can I download the translated Hatamaou volumes?
Join the Hatamaou Discord group. Please refer to the next question for the details.

3. I really want to meet other Hatamaou fans! Where can I go?
Join this Discord group: https://discord.gg/0116EF7s44BB79oiu  Please register an account and also read the Rules and FAQs before asking the admins/moderators to add you as a member. In addition, as a member you would also be able to access all the PDFs and ePUBs of the Hatamaou translations which I have uploaded so far. Please do not upload them onto other sites.

4. Will you be willing to translate other series on request?
No, I am already busy enough with just Hatamaou. Even if I am somehow done with Hatamaou, I already have a list of series I want to do, so don't ask me about this.

Progress of Volumes currently being translated
Volume 1: 12.2% (Done by Nigel, translator of Overlord)
Volume 2: Will be translated by Nigel once Volume 1 is fully translated
Volume 2.8: 22.2% (Done by Moko-chan_314)
Volume 13: 17.1% (Done by mittens_220)

Hataraku Maou-sama Short Stories
Demon King, thinks back on a thrifty life: Download
The Demon King, Gets Lucky: Download
The Demon King, Gets Condemned: Download
The Demon King, seriously tries to gain victory: Download
The Demons and Hero and High School Girl – Two billion dream: Download
The Demon King, Starts Training in Order to Lie: Download
Volume 5.5: Download

D. Gray-man
Fanbook Gray Ark: Download (pw: allenwalker)
Novel Reverse 3 Lost Fragment of Snow: Download (pw: manawalker)

Fruits Basket
Fruits Basket Fanbook (Cat) - Takaya Natsuki Interview: Download (pw: cat)
Fruits Basket Fanbook (Banquet) - Takaya Natsuki Interview: Download (pw: banquet)

Kuroko no Basuke
Replace III first story - If the Generation of Miracles are in Yukatas: Download (pw: akashi)
Fanbook Characters Bible Joint Interview between Fujimaki and Togashi: Download (pw: kuroko)
Fanbook Characters Bible Individual Interview with Fujimaki: Download (pw: kuroko)

Nurarihyon no Mago Novel
1st volume Tales of Ukiyoe: Download (pw: nurarikuo)
2nd volume The Story of Edo's Nura Gumi: Download (pw: nurarihyon)
3rd volume Kyoto Fantasy Night Talk: Download (pw: hagoromo)
4th volume A Love Story of the Imperial Capital
1st story - Nura Clan's Resolve to Fight: Download (pw: nurarihan)

I am making this post because there are still people asking me about the previously translated volumes of Hatamaou.

If you want the previously translated volumes of Hatamaou, read the FAQs on the first post of my livejournal. It's written there nicely for you on where and how to get them. If you're able to dig up old posts of mine to ask about the volumes, surely you can read the FAQs which are in the stickied post, can you?
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03 November 2016 @ 09:35 pm
Volume 12 has been uploaded. It's in the first post as usual.

Special thanks to Aardvark, Ice Phantom and NAme who took the time to do the beta reading since Moko-chan has too much stuff to do to help me beta read. They will be my beta readers from now on.

Please be reminded that it will be uploaded for one week before it's removed.
17 July 2016 @ 11:36 pm
The new puzzle to the secret location has been uploaded on the first post on my livejournal. It is recommended to print it out and do it.
The link to the secret location will be removed for the time being until Moko-chan comes up with a new puzzle for it because some of you found it too easy and wanted a challenge. I will update again when the secrel location is active again.
16 July 2016 @ 10:29 am
Bad News 1
So, issues have come up with Moko-chan's secret location, so she had to delete the whole folder and reupload it, which caused the link of the folder to change. So for those people who had bookmarked the secret location before, you have to solve the puzzle again to get the new link.

Bad News 2
And because Moko-chan had too much caffine and had other issues known as overwork, tiredness etc, she suddenly felt very evil and changed the placement of the link in her livejournal, so you guys have to search for it again. The clue is sill valid though.

I have no control over whatever happens in the secret location and Moko-chan's livejournal, so sorry for the inconvenience >_< 
07 July 2016 @ 09:49 am
Vol 0 has been uploaded on the first post. The password is there as well. I tested the password myself to check that it works, so if you can't open the file, either something is wrong with your software or you have the wrong password. It's in a password protected zip file now.

As usual, it will be up for one week before it will be removed.

Enjoy ^_^
06 June 2016 @ 09:07 am
Vol 5.5 has been uploaded ^_^ I appreciate everyone's patience in this.

In addition, there are also 2 more short stories added.
The Demon King, Gets Lucky
The Demon King, Starts Training in Order to Lie

Like what I mentioned before, these are short stories, so they would not be removed until I actually move them into a main volume (like how Thirty Life appears in Vol 14)

04 June 2016 @ 07:53 pm
Three Hatamaou short stories have been uploaded onto the sticky post. These stories, like Vol 5.5, have been translated by the Chinese fans and they have allowed Moko-chan and I to translate them into English, all of them have been duly credited.

The three stories are
The Demon King, gets condemned
The Demon King, seriously tries to gain victory
The Demons and Hero and High School Girl – Two billion dream

The first two are really short while Two Billion Dream is longer. I actually did 2 billion dream before but Moko-chan and I somehow lost the file haha.

Anyway, since these are short stories, we won't be removing them and there are no passwords set on them.

As for Vol 5.5, I'm still beta reading it because it's a whooping 142 pages (so much for being a short story *sweat*)

Hope all of you enjoy reading this while waiting for Vol 5.5 and Vol 0 ^_^
The Chinese fans started translating parts of Vol 15, so Moko-chan has also started translating those parts related to Lucifer and the angels on her livejournal.

Fans interested in Vol 15 are welcome to check them out at http://mokochan-314.livejournal.com/