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Gray Ark Translations: Hoshino's interview part 3

“D.Gray Theatre” wasn’t made up?
(ryuu: D.Gray Theatre is the comic at the back of some volumes talking about Hoshino’s life)

Hoshino: “D.Gray Theatre” was a theatre which focused on Y-shi. The impression that the readers have formed of Y-shi is not wrong at all! To me, Y-shi did a lot of unreasonable things in our partnership together, so I should expose his “crimes” (laugh)

Y-shi:  Yes, I have to agree with that, because it was the absolute truth. (laugh)

Hoshino: But I didn’t not have the intention to use Y-shi as a source of material at first. At the beginning of the contract, I just wanted to add new works at the end of the volume, but because I could not draw anything all in the end, I always ask the assistant to draw the theme that they wanted, and this completed the “Story of the editor Y-shi”. The fans actually liked it very much.

N-shi: Since we’re talking about this, the stories in “D.Gray Theatre” are based off actual facts?

Y-shi: It’s all true. Even though “D.Gray-man” is fictional, “D.Gray Theatre” is not fictional at all. (laugh)

N-shi: I just remembered. When I went to Hoshino-sensei’s studio for the first time, the Y-shi balloon was still there. (shown in the Theatre in volume 12)

Hoshino: Even though the amount is not as much as shown inside the manga, but the relationship between us feels that way.

Y-shi: I even said “Your sense of timing is so bad!” (laugh)

Hoshino: There was a reason for that. Even though it was Y-shi’s last day, we were still rushing the manuscript, so I thought if I pulled the party poppers at that time, I would be testing his patience, so I frantically gave to look to everyone which said “Do not pull the party poppers.” But when Y-shi was heading towards the stairs and about to leave, everyone ignored my orders and the atmosphere changed to “Let’s the pull the party poppers!”

Y-shi: It was about the time when I reached the fifth step when I heard one “bang”. Just as I finished saying “Such bad timing”, then I started to hear continuous “bang bang bang” sounds. It can’t be helped that I would say such a thing, right?

Hoshino: You’re not wrong if you put it that way, but I will still get the feeling of “Don’t you have anything better to say?” At least we said, “Y-shi, thanks for your hard work.”, but your look was so aloof. I really don’t want to remember Y-shi’s last day…

From Y-shi to N-shi, the unwavering decision to change editors

Y-shi: It’s almost one year since the editors were changed, are you used to N-shi already?

Hoshino: About that, I’ve grown used to it already. And I did see N-shi during Y-shi’s wedding (laugh), so I alrady had some impression of him. You were so excited that you ran around wearing only pants.

N-shi: You can still remember it so well! Given that I’m that sort of person, I can’t believe that I would be your future editor.

Hoshino: Exactly. (laugh) When Y-shi told me “N-shi will be your new editor.” He even added, “He was the guy who ran around wearing only pants at my wedding.”

N-shi: Really?! Please don’t introduce me in that way!

Hoshino: Because of that, I knew who it was immediately (laugh) But even if N-shi was that sort of person, I was still unable to talk with N-shi at all in the beginning.

Y-shi: Because he’s more introverted. (laugh)

N-shi: Two months after I became her editor, I received a message from her saying, “It’s really hard to talk to you, please smile more…” “What?”, it was really a shock to me. (laugh)

Hoshino: It’s because when I have meetings with Y-shi before, we were rather relaxed and talked about casual things. After being infected with that sort of atmosphere, I would feel that my story is rather pathetic if you didn’t smile, so it was rather hard to talk to you…

Y-shi: Ah, it does make sense if you put it that way. When it comes to light- hearted talk, if the other person is not listening, you would feel that it’s embarrassing and keep quiet. Taking your situation into account, expecting the person you just met to laugh would be very rude, wouldn’t it?

Hoshino: Exactly! If I was met with silence, I would feel really uneasy.

N-shi:  I see (laugh)

Hoshino: And because sending a message gives people the impression that you’re very distant, I only sent the message because “I was very troubled”

N-shi: I was really shocked, you know. But because I did receive many sudden messages from other authors before, I thought “I must reply quickly” and did so accordingly. (laugh)

Hoshino: He really replied quickly. And then I received many thankful words form N-shi which contained a hint of apology, but I was really happy.

The collaboration between Hoshino-sensei and N-shi?
The Musician’s song in the Ark

N-shi: I was shocked when it came to Allen’s Musician song. Hoshino-sensei told me “Help me with the Musician’s song”, “What?!” (laugh)

Hoshino: Because of the plot, a song must appear, but I had no idea how to start at all. Then I thought “That editor must be smarter right?” And I was severely reprimanded by Y-shi (laugh)

N-shi: I was tested (laugh)

Hoshino: I thought that since N-shi graduated from university, he would have better experience in terms of the language structure as well as the dynamics, so I threw it to him to try and even said “Please compose two songs within three days.” (laugh)

N-shi: And then I said, “I can’t do something like that…”

Hoshino: “Please think of a way.” And I hung up the phone.

N-shi: Exactly. “Hangimg up the phone at this sort of time”, she actually used that method to deal with me!

Y-shi: And because my desk was opposite of N-shi’s, I witnessed the whole scene. (laugh) You were really unreasonable!

Hoshino: You saw it?

Y-shi: Yeah. But I wanted to say since you’re able to say those sort of things to him, that means you’re already used to him. (laugh)

N-shi: I only wrote one song in the end and passed it to her. But when I saw the completed manuscript, the lyrics inside were totally different. I had a “What the heck! What’s going on?” that sort of feeling.

Hoshino: Actually, it was because the lyrics I thought of were really bad at first, so I looked at N-shi’s song with no expectations. His song totally exceeded my expectations. As a result, the concept I was thinking of started to materialize, and I could see the direction that the song can take. So I wanted to treat this work as the result of the collaboration between us (laugh) and started writing N-shi’s song in the lines and the rest of the lyrics came naturally.

N-shi: It actually helped? That’s good…I feel saved just by hearing that sentence.

Y-shi: (facing N-shi) That’s really good. At least it was not totally useless. (laugh)

N-shi: I even thought she would say “What kind of crap is this?” and crumple it up…

Hoshino: Of course not! I wouldn’t do that sort of thing!

Y-shi: But that was not the impression that you were giving. (laugh)

Hoshino: Were you traumatized by it?

N-shi: About that, um…

Y-shi: Of course he’ll be traumatized! It’s exactly like you getting your whole draft rejected.

N-shi: When I saw the manuscript, I wanted to say, “Why aren’t any of my lines used?” it was quite a shock to me. (laugh)

Hoshino: I’m sorry. It’s because of my ego…

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