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Gray Ark Translations: Hoshino's interview part 4

Because of N-shi’s suggestion, Level 4 was designed as a baby

Hoshino: I got some advice from N-shi while designing the Level 4 as well (footnote: it was originally designed as a huge skeleton, something like an evolved human.

N-shi: Yes, I did say it would be quite scary for something like a child to be really strong.

Hoshino: The design of the Level 4 was going along the lines of designing it like a baby at first. All the previous AKUMA were designed with the fact that they should grow as their level increases. But after I tried drawing a child, I thought it was quite successful. It really gave off a hateful feeling. It was really “many thanks to N-shi”. This guy’s father is actually N-shi! But while I was drawing, I was actually thinking of Y-shi. (laugh) I kept thinking “How do you put this? It’s really maddening”, while reminiscing.

N-shi: So it was actually like that? (laugh)

Y-shi: I thought that the Level 4 was a detestable character as well. (laugh)

N-shi: Then again, the design of the Level 4 was actually drawn in the corner of the draft? Even though I thought “What is that?” and was curious about it, I still overlooked it for two weeks. (laugh)

Hoshino: Because I’m really embarrassed when I try to express my thoughts, so I tried to communicate silently to ask “What do you think?” There was no reaction at all. I added a ‘4’ afterwards, and still no reaction…I had to bring it up personally later…

Y-shi: But if you drew it in the margins of the draft, wouldn’t it give us the feeling “You drew something disgusting again”?

Hoshino: How, how harsh!

N-shi: Hoshino-sensei…you kept getting rebuked by Y-shi so far. You haven’t met him for so long, isn’t there anything you want to say to him?

Hoshino: Before this seminar was held, I already expected this kind of development. (Y-shi continuously adding some “entertainment”). But knowing that Y-shi hasn’t changed a bit, I actually feel relieved. Actually I was thinking “What am I supposed to do if he became more caring?” (laughs). Ah! Actually I do have a favor to ask of Y-shi, since the editor is different now, even when you read the still ongoing “D.gray-man”, please keep all your criticisms to yourself and only say the praises to me!

Everyone: (Lots of laughter)

Y-shi: Ah, you don’t want me to add entertainment anymore? (laughs)

Hoshino: Please just say the good things…Also, please don’t call T-shi an idiot anymore.

Y-shi: I can’t help it, because he is an idiot. (laughs) (ryuu: meanie…)

N-shi: Oooh! He said it again. (laughs)

Y-shi: Aiyo, it’s just a wish, I never said that it would come true. (laughs) Well I can praise you.

Hoshino: Then you should praise T-shi as well! If not, I’ll be very upset…

Y-shi: I’ll keep in mind not to say it in front of you.

Hoshino: But that’s meaningless!

Y-shi: Don’t you have anything to say to N-shi?

Hoshino: Well, I only have apologies to make towards N-shi… Just before, I did something that disappointed him the most in the year….very sorry. And N-shi and Y-shi are different in the sense that “The one now would not ignore me and he would not say anything that would infuriate me”, so we get along quite well. (laugh)

N-shi: Then finally, Hoshino-sensei, please say a few things to your readers.

Hoshino: Thank you very much for your continuous support. To me, the readers are really my spiritual support. In my workstation at home, it’s always filled with fan letters (Hoshino’s source of energy: when she get’s writer’s block, she’ll get power just reading these letters) I gain strength from reading these letters. Therefore, if this official handbook can repay the readers’ kindness by just a little bit, that would be great. After this, the number of Exorcist allies will continue to increase. Please give “D.Gray-man” lots of support.

(Recorded in a certain family restaurant, 2008 April.)  

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